Meet our snacking family

Is it candy? No, it is a high protein snack!

Our colorful and playful packaging, very often with product names with a twist, really makes our snacking salami stand out. Care to try Caramba, Hot amigo or do you dare try the very spicy Explosion?

We have flavours and packaging for every occasion and all types of consumers. From children to adults, from school lunch or snack to weekend tapas or mingle.

The family includes our Classic 50 grams, Snack bites and Snack salami mini

Classic snack salami

In this range we offer the most options of flavors. In total we have 12 fantastic taste combinations, from real beer like Carry on Porter to very spicy Explosion and garlic Bierbanger

Shelf life: 6-7 months / 40 consumer pack per carton

Snacking-salami chicken

The chicken salami has been handcrafted in small batches, using Swedish chicken and only the finest herbs and spices. Slow-smoked for hours over real hardwood chips for a delicious taste. The sausage doesn’t require cooling which opens to the many possibility to place it wherever it is most suitable in the store.

The Chicken Salami is avaiable in two flavors Tomato/Basil and Apple/Thyme.

Tenability: 6-7 months

40 consumer pack per carton


The chicken is hatched in Sweden, bred in our vicinity and slaughtered in our own facility in south Sweden. A locally produced Swedish food that is marked with Swedish Bird's signature. This means that we follow the organisation's good animal care program, that the chickens are salmonella-free and that the feed does not contain any antibiotics or any hormones. In addition, you can see it as a guarantee that it is Swedish bird and nothing else.
Chicken is great food and a perfect nutritious meal.


Snack bites

We also produce our best sellers Caramba, Cabanossi and Hot Amigo in a perfect on-the-go cup of 70g with mini salamis.

Shelf life: 90 days / 18 consumer pack per carton


Snack salami mini

A product for the lunch box or snack. In this range we have three flavors, Salt & pepper, Hot chili and Sour cream and onion

Shelf life: 90 days / 13 consumer pack per carton




We produce all our snacking salami in Sweden and we are proud of our production and the taste and quality of the snacking salami.

Our certificates:

Cert 215-4 Organic Atria Sverige AB

Certificate FSSC20077

Energy certificate


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