Our products

Snacking salami is a high protein snack that comes in different sizes, flavours, and degrees of spiciness. With its eye-catching design and fun product names,
Ridderheims snacking assortment is hard to miss.
Try a Caramba, Hot Amigo, and if you dare, the super spicy Explosion!

Snacking salamis, with their 7-month shelf life at room temperature, can be placed just about anywhere in the store 

It’s the perfect on-the-go lifestyle product for all sorts of consumers! 

Pick n´Mix

An on-the-go lifestyle, requires an on-the-go solution.

Developed out of a shopper’s perspective, Pick n Mix is a brand new tapas concept based on small cups filled with delicacies for all occasions.  

Choose 1, take 2, mix 5. Multi price opportunities make it easy for the shopper to choose freely for whatever they have planned for the evening as well as creating a great selection display for the stores. 

If it’s too easy, that’s because it’s supposed to be….just pick n mix!